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Entry Driveway Gates

Not only do custom driveway entry gates offer you added peace of mind & security for your property, but it can add to the beauty of your property, as well! When we design driveway entry gates, we feel that it is also about understanding the landscape design of the property. Red Fox Fence has an in-house design team that can properly design beautiful driveway entry gates that are a perfect match for your property. This can add a gorgeous, significant focal point to your home! Red Fox takes this into consideration when we start the design of every driveway gate project.

Not only do we focus on the aesthetics of the property, though. We are also very focused on function. Before we start an entry gate project, we spend time with our customers to understand what their main the purpose of the gate is. Then we understand how it needs to fit in with the existing architecture, landscaping, and general design of their property.


Most of the time, security is the first concern when customer's are looking for new driveway entry gates. However, every customer, and their individual needs are unique. As are the features on all of the custom entry gates that we design & install. Remember, that with Red Fox Fence, we are fortunate to have an in-house design team. This allows real freedom in the design process, in which most of our customers have a much wider selection in their design requirements than they would have with other fence companies.

Red Fox Fence has over 12 years of experience building many kinds of driveway entry gates. Having said that, instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out what type of entry gate you may like, we can bring you some great ideas that are a great aesthetic match to your property, but that are also functional, and can help secure your home.

Just another reason why you should call us and see why Red Fox is a very different kind of fence company!


Options In Driveway Entry GatesĀ 

We offer you several different types of driveway entry gates:

  • Wooden gates
  • Wrought iron gates
  • Chain-link gates
  • Aluminum gates
  • Custom gates

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