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Are you considering a new fence for your home in Rye, NY? If so, you should call the finest Rye, NY fence company, Red Fox Fence at (845) 254-0330. We are experts in the fencing industry and have been the premier fence company in Rye, NY and greater Westchester County, New York since 2006.

Since we started, we have continued to serve homeowners and take care of all of their fencing needs. There are many options to choose from when you decide to have a new fence installed on your property. Perhaps you need a tennis court fence, a perimeter or pool fence? Whatever your need, we are ready to design, build, and install the fence that you need.

A chain link fence, for instance, would be perfect for general purpose use such as fencing the home’s perimeter while some specialized fencing might be needed for other uses. At Red Fox Fence, we understand this and will work with you to assess what you need before helping you pick out a fence that will meet all your needs. A perfect example of a specialized fence would be if you have an in-ground pool. In this case, you definitely should consider a pool fence and chain link fencing will not always be the best fit. We have wrought iron fencing that is perfect for pool fencing, as it is also very aesthetically pleasing.

With our many years of service, we are proud of our stellar reputation of completing excellent work for each of our clients in Rye, New York and the surrounding suburbs. These include Flagler Estates, Greenhaven and Forest Harbor. We would like to show you some of these beautiful fences we have put up in these areas too. So please reach out to us to view examples of what we can do as we also work out what amazing fence design we can build for you.

No fencing need is too complex for us to handle. Whether it is that new driveway that needs a custom driveway entry gate, or you are considering a perimeter fence for a property you have just purchased in Rye, please get in touch via (845) 254-0330. We look forward to adding you to our list of happy customers throughout rye, NY.

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About Rye, NY

Rye boast’s the fact of being the youngest city in the state as it was last to receive its city charter in 1942. Don’t let this fool you, though, the city is bursting with life and has been ranked in the top ten New York neighborhoods to live in. Here, you will find The Playland, an iconic amusement park featuring one of the oldest wood roller coasters on the east coast.

The city covers 20.02 square miles, within which exemplary services and public amenities. Other than the schools within the city, The American Yacht Club and a host of other golf clubs call this city home. The Fortune 500 firm, Jarden also runs its operations from Rye, NY. All this activity makes the city prime for home investment and it is, thus, no surprise that home prices continue to soar.