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Many Options For Iron Fencing

Ornamental iron can be used to make some of the most beautiful fencing that you will ever see. Iron fencing comes in many styles, too. Ornamental iron fencing has several finishes, textures, and designs. Red Fox Fence offers several prefabricated designs, but can also custom design a very elegant ornamental iron fencing design for you, as well. We have a very experienced design team that can work with you to determine the best looking, most functional, & affordable options to have a residential ornamental iron fencing designed & installed for you.

The Best Finish for Your Iron Fencing

Many people don’t realize how important it is to also care for the finish of your iron fencing, especially here in the northeast where it is constantly subject to all the elements. From very hot & humid conditions, to the extreme cold, and even ice, it’s important to finish your iron fence correctly. Basically, you have a few options to choose from when considering the right finishing on your iron fence:

  • Primed and painted
  • Powder-coated
  • Pre-galvanized & powder-coated.

At Red Fox Fence, we tend to recommend the powder-coating option. Here is why - a powder-coat finish will prevent corrosion from chemicals, & especially bad weather from occurring. The other reason is that UV rays can be harmful to an ornamental iron fence over time, so powder coating also UV stability to your fence, which will  allow it to withstand discoloration, and color fading from over exposure to sunlight.

Here is how powder coating works: Using very finely ground particles, resin, & pigment are electrostatically charged and then sprayed on via a dry finishing process. Then the iron is electrically grounded. This allows the charged particles to adhere to it. Once this happens, then iron panel, or post, is placed in a very, very hot curing oven where the particles melt and are fused into a very smooth coating. In order to maximize corrosion protection,  many customers choose a powder-coated pre-galvanized steel for added protection against rust, too. This is important here in the Tri-State area because of all of the salt that is used in snow & ice removal.

There is also the option of a basic, raw steel that has been primed and painted, too. The problem with this type of material though, is that rust can set in fairly quickly from the salt, as well. This is not recommended for an installation that needs to last for several years, and maintain aesthetics. It is however, the least expensive option.

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