Why Red Fox Fence Is the Best Fence Contractor

John Bartalucci

Make Us Your Fencing Contractor

If you have ever installed a fence, it probably took you an entire summer. Installing a fence is a lot of hard work and it is easy to make mistakes that will impact not only the aesthetics, but the structure of the fence as well. The best possible solution is to hire a professional fencing company. This means you must find a contractor with the proper training and the right experience to ensure the job is done right the first time. After all, you will be enjoying their work for many years. The best way to make certain you end up with your dream fence is to ask the right questions prior to hiring a contractor. Red Fox Fence has both the experience and the skill to install your new fence. No matter what type of fencing you choose, the size of the area your fencing encompasses, or the condition of the ground, you can be certain you will be pleased with the finished product. The best tips for choosing a fencing contractor are outlined below. You will find Red Fox Fencing meets every single criteria beautifully.


The Importance of Helpfulness and Friendliness in Your Fencing Company

When you call a company to inquire about new fencing, pay attention to the way you are treated. You should be able to ask any questions you have and receive direct and honest answers. The person you talk to should be friendly and treat you with respect. You are a potential customer and deserve a company that is willing to go the extra mile to earn your business. If the person on the other end of the line is rude, annoyed, attempts to talk you around in circles or simply will not answer your questions directly, this should give you a good idea how you will be treated in the future. You want to hire a company who cares about their customers, listens to what you want and makes an effort to answer your questions and provide the best possible service.


Scheduling your Estimate

You probably have a lot of time-consuming responsibilities. You do not want to hire a company you have to call multiple times just to schedule an estimate or have your estimator fail to come to your home. Although the cost of a new fence is important due to your budget, the quality of the work, the way you are treated and the willingness of the company to work within your allotted time frame are equally as important. The first question you will most likely ask is how much the entire project will cost. Although there are always some variants, the company should be able to give you an estimate. Your estimator should understand exactly what it will require to install the fencing you want on your property. They should be polite, helpful and provide you with an estimate. If your estimator constantly attempts to sell you something you have already stated you are unable to afford, is pushy, rude or will not give you a price, it is time to look at a different company. Your estimator should arrive within the scheduled time. If there is an unavoidable delay, they should be courteous and call you to either push back the scheduled time or reschedule.


Getting Multiple Estimates

Most people believe three estimates are required for any major home repair or purchase. This concept has become classic, and for good reason: analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of working with any company is much easier when you have other options to consider. One company may offer benefits that their competitors can match, and perhaps exceed, if you give them the opportunity secure your business.


Keep in mind it takes a lot longer to receive an estimate for indoor work such as remodeling your kitchen, replacing your bathtub or shower, or finishing your basement. A fencing estimate is actually simpler, easier to get and takes much less of your time. If you are the type of person who hates receiving estimates and simply chooses the first one, you are making a mistake. The costs of the estimates will vary greatly, but this is not the most important factor. Your best option is to choose the company providing the highest quality, trained and experienced contractors and friendly and professional service. Selecting the cheapest estimate may save you money right now, but you are risking replacing your fencing again in a few years. Choosing the best company will result in the installation of your dream fence that will last for a much longer period of time.


The Job of the Estimator

Your estimator will travel to a lot of homes every day. They deserve to be treated with the same care and consideration they will provide. There are things you can do to make their job easier and reduce the length of time necessary for your estimate. If you have any dogs, keep them inside of your home. Ensure any gates are unlocked, make certain all areas are cleared of any overgrown foliage or obstructions and keep out of their way while they are doing their job. Your estimator is trained to look for any problem areas and obstructions you could not remove such as large rocks, bushes and trees. It is important to note these types of instructions may impact your cost. Your fencing contractor will observe how your new fence will meet with you neighbors’ fences. You may be lucky and have a level lot. If your lot slopes, dips or has uneven grading, this will impact the way your fence must be constructed and installed. The type of fencing you choose must be appropriate for your lot. Your estimator will discuss this with you if it is an issue. The access to your lot is extremely important. Consider a lot with a steep hill: If your materials must be physically carried up this hill, the job will be more expensive.


The Effectiveness of the Sales Process

The sales process should be fast and efficient. If the fencing company needs a long period of time to schedule your installation, you will have to wait way too long to enjoy your new fence. This most likely means it is time to select a different company. Yes, friendliness is important. This does not mean it is more important than completing the job you hired the company to do.


The Financing Factor

You may not want to pay the entire cost up front and this is understandable. You need to find out if the company you are considering offers financing. This is important since it will have a direct impact on the company you choose. Ask up front if the fencing contractor offers financing, the specific terms available, and make certain you qualify.


The Quality of the Materials are Critical

Any fence worth investing in should last for a long time. A good way to establish the quality is to ask about the warranty. The majority of fencing companies will offer a one year warranty. If the company provides a warranty for a longer period, they believe in the materials they are using. Under the best of circumstances, something can go wrong. A good warranty provides you with both confidence and peace of mind. Any potential issues will probably happen within the first year or two. Making certain you have a warranty will protect you from any unexpected costs down the road. The higher the quality of the materials, the longer your fence will last.

The Cost vs the Quality

One of the most critical aspects of your decision is weighing the quality against the cost. Spending a little more money on a company that is a pleasure to work with, uses high quality materials and stands behind their work is preferable to working with a company providing poor service, an unpleasant experience and average workmanship. Saving money always sounds good, especially in the present moment. If you need to perform extensive repairs or completely replace your fence in a few years, however, you will end up spending a lot more. You can take advantage of any financing options to get the best possible quality right now while saving yourself some unnecessary and aggravating expenses later on. Your decision should not be based on just the cost. There is a lot of truth to the old adage “you get what you pay for.”


Always Ask the Right Questions

Having your dream fence installed is an important decision. You want your fence to look the way you want, you may have dogs you want to keep safe or you may simply be protecting your property. Whatever your reasons are, it is important for you to ask your estimator the right questions. This does not change even if your estimator is in a hurry. One of the most important questions is regarding any required permits. The specifics are dependent on the area in which you live. You need to ask if the company will apply for the permits and make certain they have the final approval, or if this is your responsibility. Most companies are familiar with the process in the areas in which they work and know exactly what needs to be done.


Contacting the Utility Locator

You need to ask if the company will contact the utility locator to ensure your fence is installed safely without causing any damage. Ask about any obstructions such as trees, large bushes and easements. There is a chance the company will bring up these issues. If they do not, you need to ask. If your lot is sloped, you need to know how the space at the bottom will be handled. In some cases the fence will be stepped. This means there will be triangular shaped openings at the bottom. If you have dogs, this will be an issue. The fence can also be contoured so it touches the ground. Once your fence is installed, this becomes a much more difficult and costly issue to change, so it is pivotal to have a solid plan in place for this type of situation.


The Maximum Fencing Height

The majority of cities have a six foot maximum height allowed for fencing. The height may be different depending on the grade of your lot. Even if you have stated you want the full six feet, this may not be possible. You need to ask to be certain what the finished height of your fence will be. You also need to ask questions regarding any gates you plan to have installed. Sometimes the gate and necessary hardware are included in the estimate, but sometimes they are not. Asking about any additional costs will prevent any unexpected surprises. The fence company you choose should be willing to answer any questions.


The Specifics of the Fence Company

You also need to understand the specifics of your warranty. Ask if your warranty covers both materials and labor or just the materials. In many cases, the cost of the labor for any necessary repairs will exceed the cost of the materials. Some companies offer an extended warranty for an additional fee. Depending on what the extension covers and how long the warranty is extended, this is something you should consider. Every company also has an expected timeline. During the spring and summer, the fence company contractors are extremely busy. If there is an issue, you need to be certain it will not take the company a month before they are able to provide assistance. Do not forget the way the company treats you in the beginning is what you can expect if any issues should arise. This is why it is so important to hire a company you feel comfortable with.


The Bottom Line

Whichever fence company you decide to hire is an important decision; just know that at Red Fox Fence, we proudly meet all of the above requirements. You want a contractor that is friendly, professional, easy to work with and makes you feel confident in your decision. You want a great experience, a high quality fence, years and years of enjoyment and no unexpected surprises. If you purchase the wrong laundry detergent, throwing it away and buying something else is not an issue. If you select the wrong fencing company, you may need to replace your fence in a few years due to shoddy workmanship or low quality materials, be subjected to a lot of unnecessary aggravation and expense, experience difficulty in having a contractor sent to your home in case of a problem and be unsatisfied with the result. You deserve the best contractor possible. Red Fox Fence is the best.