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Choosing the Right Fencing to Keep Animals Out of Your Herb Garden – Our Guide

John Bartalucci

Gardening is something that can bring joy to people’s lives. If you have a herb garden that you are proud of, but are looking for ways to enhance it, you might be thinking about adding a stone footpath or maybe some fencing to frame it and make it stand out. Depending on your wants and needs, there are so many different types of fencing that can accommodate your herb garden. You should consider whether you want the fence to keep critters away from your herbs or maybe it’s just for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the purpose, your fence will need to work accordingly.

When it comes to herbs, there are many cats, dogs, and wild animals that would be happy to get into them. Maybe your cat smells something delicious in your compost, or your dog won’t stop digging under your garden. Maybe you live where coyotes are a problem. No matter what your situation, you want to keep your herbs and your property safe from any wild animals that might be near. You also might just want to keep your herbs away from your cat. Here are some of the common types of fences you will want to take a look at for your herb garden:


Premade material panels

This consists of metal, wood, or plastic panels that will allow for domestic pets to stay out of your herbs. Plastic or vinyl fencing will last you the longest, but will also be the most costly.


Electric fencing

If you live in a rural area with a lot of wildlife, an electric fence might work best for you. It’s easy to install and is inexpensive; it will be able to surround large areas and will shock anything that tries to touch the fence. You might be wondering how your electric bill will take this, and it’s not an issue since it will only be a few cents a month.


Scare wire

This type of fencing consists of a simple fence with a single strand of electric wiring about eight inches from the ground around it. This scare wire will send a small shock to any smaller animals that might come up to sniff your herb garden in order to scare them away, hence the name.


Wired fencing

This type of fencing comes in large rolls and can be easily bought from your local gardening center or hardware store. It is an easy DIY fence that you can put together by pounding posts into your garden then rolling the fence around the perimeter of your herb garden. You can then use zip ties to attach your fencing to the posts. When you no longer want it, this fencing can be easily removed.


Underground fencing

If you are having issues with your pet digging under your fence, underground fencing is the right type for you. This is where you dig a trench around the fence, then add chicken wire or wire mesh flat along the bottom of the trench and up along the side of your fencing. This will deter digging and will add an extra layer of protection to your garden.

If you’re looking for a garden fencing company that can help you with this, Red Fox Fencing is your best option! Contact us today and see what type of fencing solution we can offer you.