Different Types of Fencing Available from Red Fox Fence

John Bartalucci

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, having a new fence installed can also give you peace of mind in terms of your personal safety or the safety of your family and animals. In most cases, fences are used either for privacy or to create a safe environment for loved ones. They are also beneficial as a means of security protecting personal possessions. An attractive fence can add a touch of balance to any property and brings with it many advantages, offering both protection and security. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a quality-built fence installed on your property.

  • Security – A property fence is a perfect way to create a barrier to either keep something inside or outside of the fence. It’s a great way to set aside an area for pets to get their exercise, as well as having an area for your children to play safely. Plus, it’s very effective at keeping unwanted animals out of your yard. It’s a very secure feeling knowing that you can let your children or pets out to run in your yard without worrying about them getting hurt. A property fence will also secure your property against any other outside predators.


  • Privacy – Taller, solid fences can afford you as much privacy as you desire. You may like to come home from work, relax, and unwind in your backyard without interacting with any neighbors. A privacy fence is perfect for creating a haven of tranquility where you can take a break from the stress of the day and enjoy the peace and quiet of your own backyard.


  • Property Value – A well-designed and constructed fence will add to the value of your property and increase its resale potential. A fenced-in-yard is a very attractive feature when someone is looking to buy a house. If your home has a livestock area, a high-quality, well-designed fencing system will both increase the property value as well as make your property easier to sell, if needed.


  • Define Property Lines – In some communities, a fence is a necessity to define personal property lines. A fence on your property line not only clearly establishes where your property line is, it will also alleviate any future situation with a neighbor concerning exactly where it is.


Fences are used for a variety of reasons ranging from privacy to enclosure. A property fence will add a protective barrier around your valued possessions, giving you peace of mind concerning the safety of your family. Or maybe you’re looking for a fence because you have small children and need a place for them to safely play outside. Maybe you have pets that need a secure outdoors area where they can get their exercise. Fencing can also secure the perimeter of your property which can be especially convenient in rural areas where wildlife tends to roam. You can also have driveway entry gates installed that match your fence for even more convenience and protection, because you would be able to access your property without leaving the comfort of your car and taking any additional chances of compromising your safety, or the security of your property. Sometimes, a fence can be used as a decorative addition to your landscape without serving any enclosure purpose. You may have a swimming pool area that you would like to have surrounded by a decorative fence to make it safer for children. Or, you may be looking for a deer fence to protect the deer as they run and jump, if you live in the country where deer tend to roam seasonally. Fences are even popular in ball parks and other recreation areas as a means of protection and enclosure.

These are only some types of the thousands of fences that we have installed over the years. Our talented team of professionals at Red Fox Fence can walk you through every step of your fencing project. We specialize in designing the perfect option for your specific environment and will work with you all the way to the end to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Planning for a new fence will take some time and careful considerations. If the fence is going to be on the property line, it’s advisable to have a current property survey in hand just in case there are any issues with neighbors. You’ll also want to take a thorough look at every inch of the terrain over which the fence will travel. You may sometimes need to make some accommodations for slopes or other unique features of your property. If the fence is going to be used to corral animals, you will want to take into consideration the material that the fence is made out of. Animals generally have a tendency to chew, and you want to make sure the fence will not make them sick if they chew on it. Regardless of what type of fence you are planning to install, there is an almost endless array of varieties and styles for you to choose from.

Installing a fence takes the professionalism and attention to detail of an installer who values the importance of your home improvement projects as much as you, and is meticulous at getting all of the details perfect to achieve a well-constructed fence that will stand the test of time and last for many years. While adding any type of fence or enclosure to your property is a lot of work, finding the right installer will make the experience much easier for you. We pride ourselves by providing top-quality service to our valued customers with our conscientious staff of fencing specialists. We have over 10 years of experience installing quality, well-built fences and would eagerly welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of the phases of your new fence, from the planning stage to its final completion to your exact specifications. Here are a few other types of fencing options that we have been able to apply our years of knowledge and expertise to.


Tennis Court Fencing

You may be thinking about building a tennis court on your property. Or, maybe, you already have a court and need to add or replace a fence. We have invested several years of expertise in the planning and installation of tennis court fences focusing on the individual tastes and needs of each satisfied homeowner.

Your tennis court will need a fence for a few reasons. The most obvious reason is to keep the balls in the court. Your tennis court fence can also help block the wind on a windy day extending the court time available each season. It’s also aesthetically pleasing to see a well-designed enclosure around your tennis court. High-quality fencing can be made from wood, iron, or even vinyl as well as any combination of these and other materials that will add to the overall beauty of your landscaping.

When you collaborate with our talented design team to explore the options for your enclosure, you will immediately notice the advantage of their years of experience. They have the knowledge and skills to work with your needs and create a plan that will not only be a feature in your landscaping, but may even be the centerpiece. They will invest the time in your project and show you all of the options that would work the best for your own personal needs while keeping you within your intended budget.

We can easily take care of all of your tennis court fencing needs. Our experienced design team will work with you to create the perfect plan specific to both the terrain as well as your personal tastes to take your tennis court fencing to the next level of desirability. Our years of experience afford us the ability to work with the most discerning homeowner to achieve the desired, creative approach that so many builders are seeking.


Horse Fencing

An effective means for containment is vital if you own, house, or breed horses or other livestock. In addition to their normal barn and sleeping areas, they will need large outside areas where they can graze, get their exercise, or be ridden. Over the years we’ve designed and installed hundreds of properties with horse fence enclosures working with equestrians all over the tristate area to create the perfect environment for their animals. You will, more than likely, need more than one enclosure if you have several horses or other livestock. Since all animals have their specific tendencies and needs, you’ll want to create a livable combination of enclosures and gates. There are basically four different types of horse fencing, and all are equally suited to safely provide a secure area for your horses.

  • Wooden Rail – This is your classic style of horse fence using wooden boards attached to wooden fence posts. Pine is the most common wood used for this fencing because of its durability and tendency not to splinter if chewed on, which will keep the horses safe should they choose to chew on the fence. It also adds a timeless appeal to any property as the look of wooden rail fencing is reminiscent of times-gone-by.


  • HTP Fencing – This type of fencing looks very much like the classic style of a wooden rail fence, but will last much longer and require much less maintenance over the years. It is constructed of a steel inner layer coated with a polymer to make it smooth and splinter-free, and is very popular for both its durability and longevity.


  • Polymer Line – Designed much like the HTP, except without the steel interior, the polymer line fence is very lightweight and will easily serve the purpose for which it’s intended for many years. It also has a little flexibility in design, which helps to prevent an animal from getting tangled in it.


  • Vinyl Rail – Made of PVC rails, vinyl rail is another popular style of horse fencing. The rails snap into place looking very much like traditional styles and can be bought in many different colors, designs, and styles to best suit your individual needs.

Schedule an appointment today with Red Fox Fence and let our team of fencing specialists walk you through all of the options that are available to you. We can help make your choice of fencing easier by providing our extensive knowledge on each style’s attributes based on appearance, cost, longevity, and other factors.


Garden Fencing

Your garden may be one of your proudest achievements. Many people take great pride in producing their own fruits, vegetables, and flowers, for good reason. Anyone who has consumed or received these home-grown treats will attest to the inherent value of products that have been tenderly, hand-cared for and nurtured.

Gardens are also a beautiful accent piece in a landscape, and what better way to show off your garden is there than to add a personalized, decorative fence? A garden fence can both protect and beautify a garden area. You should be able to create an ornate barrier between your garden and the insects and wildlife that may present a challenge to the integrity of your plants. The possibilities are endless with the approaches you can take when it comes to garden fencing options.


Unique, garden fencing challenges are one of our favorite types, as it allows us to really use everyone’s creativity to design a fence that will do the garden justice while affording it a measurable means of protection.

Talk to us today and see why we’ve earned our reputation as a leading innovator using the latest design and style trends in decorative, functional fencing. Our professional team of design and installation specialists will be at your disposal for your every need to make sure that your fence project fulfills each and every one of your distinct specifications and stays within your budget. Treat yourself to the luxury of knowing that all of your fencing needs will be professionally taken care of by calling us today, and get ready to begin enjoying all of the benefits of your new fence tomorrow.