8 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Wooden Fencing

John Bartalucci

Wooden materials have amazing aesthetic value compared to any other hard materials such as iron, aluminum, or metal. Wood is also a durable material. However, to make sure that it stays that way, you have to do all the necessary maintenance work to keep it at peak quality for as long as possible. If you’re looking to install wooden fencing in your property, you have to know how to take care of it to make sure that years later, it looks just as good as it does now. With that said, here are six tips to take care of your wooden fencing:

Paint or stain your fence

Wood paint is designed to protect the grains from environmental damage such as rain, sunlight, and snow. If you prefer the natural look of the wooden fence, then you can use a wood stain instead of paint to seal the grains from being directly exposed to the elements. Once the fence is completely covered in paint or stain, be sure to apply another layer of coating to protect the paint from chipping or wearing away.

Don’t point the sprinklers at the fence

Wood and moisture don’t go together very well, as if the wood is constantly damp, it can rot. Plus, when the wood is damp, insects can burrow into the grains of the wood quite easily, causing it to become brittle. To avoid this problem, make sure you turn the sprinklers away from the fence to keep the wood dry.

Don’t let the bottom of the fence touch the ground

The only parts of your fence that should be touching the ground are the posts. The bottom of the fence should be suspended at least two inches off the ground to make sure that no excess moisture and crawling insects can come in contact with the wooden fence. You may also want to add a metal or concrete case to cover the bottom of the fence to provide some extra protection to it as well.

Keep plants a few inches away

Plants breathe just as much as we do, and they exhale quite a bit of moisture through the leaves. You want to make sure that your plants are at least a few inches away from your fence so that the moisture doesn’t come into direct contact with it. Insects can also climb up the vines and find their way into the wood, so keeping plants away is just a good idea all around.

Don’t hang heavy things on the fence

Hanging plant pots and other decorations on your fence can give your yard quite a bit of curb appeal, but you have to be careful when doing this. Your fence can only take so much weight, and putting too much pressure on it for an extended period of time can bend the wood, or even break it. If you see any signs of bending, take the hanging decorations down immediately.

Powerwash your fence

Dirt, dust, and debris can gather in the pores of the wood, and that can turn them into a crevice, which is perfect for little insects to nest in. Make sure you clean your fence regularly, especially after the rainy season. Use a power washer and mild soap to scrub off the stains. This is the best way to get rid of the dirt stains and particles from your wooden fence.

Damage control

If you start to notice a problem occurring, you have to make sure you do address it before it becomes a bigger issue. For example, if you start to see early signs of rotting wood or an insect infestation, you have to replace the rotten planks right away to prevent the problem from spreading.

Repair any small damage right away

Minor damage can happen at any time, and they’re not that big of a deal if you take care of them quickly. If you notice a small chip in the wood that may have happened during your last baseball session with your children in the yard, you should fix it immediately. You can fix these problems with wood glue, tape, and clamps.

At Red Fox Fencing, we know how to take care of your wooden fence. From simple repairs and replacement to a complete overhaul project, our professionals can guarantee high-quality work at affordable prices. If you have any questions about how to care for your wooden fencing, please give us a call and see how we can help you today!