Modern Fencing Ideas For Your Property – Our Guide

John Bartalucci

Fencing can be a great way to add borders to your home, giving you that little extra bit of security while also adding a little style to your property. Depending on your wants, needs, and the design of your landscaping, there are various options when it comes to fencing styles, colors, and functions. Here are some options you will want to check out:


The basic stained wooden plank fence

Stained wood can give off a more casual look. This style of gate is made up of vertical slabs of wood which have been stained for that beautiful, rustic look.

The traditional vinyl option

Not only will this material be durable and weatherproof, but the design of this type of fencing will offer versatility in color and shapes. Figure out the measurements you are looking for in order to implement this charming, American dream-esque fencing to your home.

Classical iron fencing

Wrought iron or aluminum is a great way to allow ventilation and air circulation throughout your yard. Metal fences are beautiful, durable, and will create a classic look to your home. Do note that iron fences will require a little maintenance of a repaint every now and then.

Corrugated metal with wood for fencing

A corrugated metal slate may seem like an uncanny material for fencing, but this material can give off a more industrial look, which can complement some styles of homes. As it may not be appealing to some, it will be a strong, sturdy slate of high-quality material that will offer security and protection. You can further elevate the look of it by including a protective coating over it. The wooden planks will further compliment the metal, bringing the eye in with contrasting textures and colors.

Zen bamboo fencing

Natural bamboo fences include fresh stalks of bamboo lined up and framed with some stained wood. They are typically held up with a concrete base that is used to hold up the panels. These large, green stalks will compliment the greenery in your garden and will further increase the feeling of serendipity.

Fencing with wall climbers

Wall climbers are a great way to add a little natural touch to your boring old fencing. If you are thinking about adding climbers to your fencing, you just want to make sure that your fence is made up of a good, sturdy material because climbers can get pretty strong.

Minimal-looking black slats

If you want a modern, minimal look in your fencing with privacy while also not constricting your yard of ventilation, this is another option for you. Black cedar slats will give off a contrasting look with modern architecture. It will also compliment the greenery of any yard.

Creative geometric concrete fences

This is another great, modern look for a home. High concrete fences with some dazzling designs will give off a refined look while also providing your home with good security and ventilation, depending on your design.

Repurpose your pallet slabs

This is a unique type of fencing that you can get contractors to put together for you or that you can do on your own. You can link these slabs together with nails or door hinges. This unique fencing will give off a modern, industrial look.

The majestic gabion wall

This type of fencing is more of a wall that is made up of metal wires boxing in various sizes and colors of stone. The metal holding up the rocks will give off an industrial look with the stones for a contrast look.

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