How to Enhance Your Garden With Fences – Our Guide

John Bartalucci

If you are planning some additions to the landscaping in your backyard, fences are the way to go. That is, if you haven’t got a set installed already. That being said, who says you can’t refresh the look of your fences? Even a little paint can certainly make your fence go from boring to beautiful. If you don’t have fences, adding some to your home will elevate the overall look of your house as well as offer your property a little more security and curb appeal. Here are some ideas for fencing that you can use to enhance your home from the outside:


Install a traditional picket fence

This conventional fence is quite commonly seen in America. These are popular choices for gardens. People will usually paint them white with an additional matching beam. Picket fences are available in wood or vinyl, which will be more cost-efficient and easier to clean. This will give your home a little pinch of the American dream while giving off beautiful views to any onlookers.

Build your own wattle fence

If you’re looking for a low-budget way to get yourself a fence, you can build a wattle fence with long 5-centimeter stakes of bamboo or oak. This fence will look natural and is sure to complement the landscaping of your front and back yard.

Put in a screen fence

This one is great for those who want the ultimate privacy with their fencing. If you’re worried about them looking too intrusive or opaque, you can even decorate it with flowers and greenery. There are plenty of materials and styles that you can choose from to suit your exterior design.

Wrought iron fences for elegance

These fences will look minimal, sturdy, and elegant around your home. You can choose various colors and heights for these gates, but no matter what you choose, you will get to enjoy the security that your brand new fence offers.

Consider an island fence

Ivy may be a pest or a weed in some gardens, but for a fence or wall, they can be great for aesthetically pleasing fences. They will require some maintenance, but in the end, they will look beautiful in front of your home. Not only will the ivy secure your fence, but it covers your property up a little bit while still allowing air flow.

Maybe look at some metal planks

If you want some solid, sturdy protection for your home, metal planks are the way to go. They will be durable against weather and will look industrial in front of your home. You have the option of aluminum, galvanized steel, or chain linked.

Beautiful wooden trellis fences

These fences are beautiful with climbing plants, can come in many shapes and heights, and will look beautiful by your garden. You will be able to get air flow as well as privacy with these fences.

Sturdy stone fences

These shorter stone fences can look great and natural next to nature. There are so many choices when it comes to rocks. No matter what you choose, a stone fence is sure to be durable. Some popular choices include brick, limestone, and granite. You can decide to have multiple different choices of shapes. Best of all, these fences require little-to-no maintenance!

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