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The Benefits of No-Climb Horse Fences for Your Horse Farm

John Bartalucci

Horses are beautiful, powerful creatures and caring for them is quite an honor. However, keeping a horse farm is definitely a tedious task. Apart from feeding and taking good care of your horses’ health, you ought to create a productive pasture for your horses, minimize mud, eradicate weeds, manage the manure, keep other animals out of the area, and of course, maintain your horse farm fence.

When it comes to horse fences, there are plenty of options out there that are practically as varied as horse breeds. One option that you could install on to your property is the no-climb horse fence.

No-climb horse fences are well-designed and safe enclosures that make it difficult for your horses to climb over. Otherwise known as woven wire, diamond weave, or field fence, this type of fence is made of sturdy wire woven in a grid pattern, serving as a solid barrier. This fence keeps your horses within the area and protects them from any harm outside. Aside from that, this fence can withstand both animals and rough weather.

The no-climb horse fence offers a few great benefits that you may want to take advantage of. Here, we will further discuss the benefits of installing this type of horse fence on your property:

No Climbing Feature

The primary feature of a no-climb fence is that it does not allow your horses to climb over or step on the barrier itself. This will keep your horses safely enclosed in your pasture. Some types of fences are constructed in such a way that they allow horses to slip into openings and potentially escape. This one will keep your horses safely enclosed in their pasture until you open the gate.

Solid Barrier with Sturdy Materials

As mentioned earlier, the no-climb fence is a rigid barrier made up of sturdy materials. The wire itself woven into a grid formation that is so strong that it won’t allow your horses and other animals outside to destroy it. Moreover, since it is made of such a rigid material, it can withstand the scorching heat of the sun, the torrential rain, and anything else that Mother Nature has to offer.

Low Maintenance

The no-climb fence involves little-to-no maintenance, meaning that you don’t necessarily have to check and repair it very often. Just do an inspection on a monthly basis to ensure that the fence is fastened properly. Seasonally, check the fence for tightness and trim weeds along the fence line. Annually, evaluate the firmness of the poles. Other than this, there isn’t much maintenance involved, meaning that you can focus on the other things that your horse farm requires.

No Entry for Other Animals

Since this type of fence has no-climbing feature, apart from not allowing the horses to escape, it won’t allow other undesirable animals such as raccoons, possums, and coyotes to cross over into the pasture as well. This fence even has added security that will discourage smaller animals such as dogs to cross it and heckle your horses.

Ideal for Your Horses’ Safety

Since this fence does not have an elevated platform to step on nor does this allow the horses to cross over, you can ensure that your horses won’t get hurt when trying to climb it. Of course, you don’t want your horses to get seriously injured because of a poorly installed and delicate fence.

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