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Constructing a Fence for a Pool Barrier – Our Guide

John Bartalucci

Constructing a dividing fence to serve as a pool barrier is not as easy as it looks. Whether you are a homeowner looking to build a pool within your property or a businessman hoping to construct a commercial spa, one must be wary of the need to build a dividing fence and should be highly compliant with the existing guidelines for fence construction.

There are multiple reasons as to why the construction of a dividing fence is imperative and why it is so important to comply with the standard guidelines. First off, a pool in an open area may pose a threat to individuals, particularly to children who might sneak into the area and jump in unexpectedly. Secondly, there should be a division built so that those who shouldn’t be in the area cannot get in. Lastly, a dividing fence to be constructed might affect the neighborhood or the commercial centers in the area; thus, there is a need to set up guidelines to be strictly followed.

Since this article isn’t about the nuances of fencing legal matters, let’s move on to our main point of discussion: constructing the fence. Here’s a simple breakdown of what you will need to do when constructing a dividing fence for a pool barrier:


Inform the Neighborhood

It’s imperative that you inform the neighborhood about your plan to construct a dividing fence for your pool. The neighbors may have some conditions that you may want to take note of and requirements that you may want to discuss with them. In this case, you will have to work with them as they may have some disagreements with your undertakings and want to communicate special requests that you can grant to avoid conflicts in the future.

Due to the nature of your business (say if you are a tropical-themed restaurant and want a colorful fence) or out of mere personal choice, you may want to opt for a fencing style that isn’t consistent with that of the other fences in the vicinity. In such a case, you may need to seek permission from your neighbors to make the necessary change. With their approval, you can go ahead and have your fencing constructed in whatever way you wish.


Check the Prescribed Materials

The materials used for your dividing fence and pool construction must be consistent with existing structures in the community or the commercial centers. There are prescribed materials that you need to utilize to ensure that you are compliant. The materials to be used must meet pool safety standards.


Secure Access to the Neighbors’ Property

The construction of the dividing fence is not only done within your property. It’s possible that the neighbor’s property might be touched as well due to the scope of the construction. In such a case, you may need to secure approval from your neighbor to have access to the adjoining land necessary to do the fencing work. You don’t want to go ahead with construction, only to find out that you have earned the ire of your neighbor as it has caused them a major disturbance.


// Wrapped up

In short, you must contact your local government and secure a construction permit, review the standard guidelines for fencing construction and pool safety, and give your neighborhood a full notice and collaborate with them to ensure a successful project. Only then should you give the green light for construction.

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